Facts About Kangen Water

    • Tested and approved by over 6,500 doctors – Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases
    • Certified medical device by Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare.
    • Used in hundreds of hospitals in Japan.
    • Lifespan of 15 – 25 years (Save more in the long run compared to other water ionizers).
    • Micro-cluster of water molecules for better hydration and absorption (5 – 6 per cluster) compared to regular water (15 – 20 per cluster).
    • Use of medical grade titanium plates hand-dipped with platinum (instead of mesh technology used by competitors) to prevent chemicals from leaking into water. 

Certified Medical Device & WQA Gold Seal Award

Produced and manufactured in Osaka, Japan, each and every Kangen ionizer’s plates are hand-dipped in platinum, producing medical grade titanium ionizer plates coated with platinum, the finest quality in its class. Simply the “Rolls Royce” of water ionizers.

Certified Medical Device

Kangen water ionizers are certified as a medical device by Japan’s Ministry of Health and are the only water ionizer company in the world to receive the highest award given by the Water Quality Association(WQA) – the exclusive Gold Seal Award.

WQA Gold Seal Award

In the drinking water industry, the WQA is the oldest third party testing and certification program, and the Gold Seal is awarded to only the most trusted and reliable producers of quality drinking water. With the Gold Seal Program, you can have confidence in the quality of your drinking water.